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Successful businesses all share one important characteristic: they excel in managing stakeholder relationships.

All stakeholders have expectations of a business and whilst these expectations will vary between stakeholder category, each needs to be revealed, understood and catered for as a business positions itself for success.

In developing a positioning or planning exercise from the perspective of achieving excellence in stakeholder relationships, a business will invariably uncover every strenght, weakness, opportunity or threat that could impact on its pursuit of success. Additionally, developing positioning initiatives and action plans from the stakeholder perspective demystifies the whole strategic planning process. This in turn means a greater liklihood of committment throughout the entire organisation and also sustainability over time.    

Market Logic is an independent business consultancy that specialises in working with businesses to help them achieve competitive advantage, by meeting the challenge of creating and sustaining a culture of distinctiveness in how they relate to key stakeholders.


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The Path to Excellence

Planning for excellence is the first step towards achieving it and perhaps the easiest to take. The real challenges then arise in

  • gaining acceptance and commitment by those who are expected to make it all happen
  • managing the internal and external dynamics associated with implementation